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How many positions are there on a violin?

Many people who are familiar with the guitar often compare it with the violin and wonder, “Are there tabs for violin? What chords can the violin play? How many positions are there on a violin?” While the guitar is often a very familiar and relatable instrument to many people, the … Read More

How to tune a violin

How to tune a violin?

An often daunting task for any beginning and intermediate student is tuning the violin in preparation for practice. It can be all too easy to rely on your teacher (or your child’s teacher) as a crutch for tuning the violin and then cringe in agony as you try to practice … Read More

Pop songs on the violin

20 Easy Pop Songs to Learn on the Violin

When learning the violin, you might feel like you spend all of your time learning technique and “academic” music – scales, etudes, and formal pieces. While these are absolutely essential building blocks to your foundation as a violinist, it is important to also throw in a few fun extras that … Read More

Old violin

Best Websites For Free Violin Sheet Music

Finding free violin sheet music online is not that hard nowadays, however there are still some hidden gems out there that you may not know about. I always check for freely available sheet music before buying an arrangement or making my own. With internet databases, communities, and digitized sheet music … Read More

Violin size

What size violin do I need?

Choosing the right size violin is just as important as choosing properly sized shoes. Not only does it look and feel better to wear shoes that fit properly, it is also much safer. Haven’t you ever worn shoes that don’t fit, only to find yourself tripping or in excruciating pain … Read More