When it comes to learning how to play the violin, you can expect to produce a lot of noise that the people around you probably won't appreciate. This, however, doesn't mean you should stop because all you need is a way of reducing the volume of your playing. You can do this by getting the best violin mute since it can dampen the sound you make and keep your surroundings quieter.

This post reviews the best violin mutes and the things to consider as you narrow down on a suitable pick.


What is a Violin Mute?

A mute is an instrument accessory that you can use to soften and reduce the tone of your violin. It's normally placed on the bridge of your stringed instrument to reduce the volume of your playing. The most common mutes for a violin are the three-pronged practice mutes which reduce the vibrations of the strings, allowing you to practice discreetly.

Now that we've covered what a violin mute is let's look at the best options on the market.

Which is the best violin mute?


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1. eBoot Rubber Violin Mute

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If you are looking for a great rubber mute for a beginner, the eBoot Rubber Violin Practice Mute is the go-t0 for you. Nonetheless, it'll be harder to mute the sound quality of a top-grade violin with rubber mutes. Since rubber is a flexible material, this mute is a great option for it won't damage the delicate wood on your violin bridge or move about as you play.

While rubber practice mutes are suitable for newbies, you should be careful when placing them on your bridge since the slightest displacement can cause a lot of damage. This mute carries a simple design that will blend seamlessly with your ebony fingerboard without looking out of place. The five prongs these mute features are meant to ensure the tone is dampened without affecting the sound quality.

The eBoot Rubber Violin Practice Mute is also affordable, which is why it's an appealing choice out of many practice mutes. As long as you don't place and remove it carelessly on your violin, it'll allow you to train without getting too loud or damaging your instrument.


  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for beginners
  • It won't damage your bridge
  • Produces mellow violin sounds


  • Not ideal for concert playing

2. Otto Artino Practice Mute

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The next violin mute we'll review is the Otto Artino Practice Mute which is among the best violin mutes because it doesn't distort the tone while silencing the sound. It comes inside a small storage case that you can use to carry it around wherever the music takes you. You can use it to play without making it too noisy for the people around you, which is why some take it as the best violin mute.

It's a high-quality violin practice mute that doesn't affect the purity of tone, which is why you can use it alongside your tuner to ensure the strings are in tune. If you have neighbors or family who value a quiet environment, this practice is mute is the way to go. It'll limit the volume of your violin as you play so that you don't even have to close the door to limit the sound.

Many people are torn between having a metal mute or a rubber mute. Luckily, the Otto Artino Mute gives you the best of both worlds because it's made from metal and has a rubber coating. This ensures it delivers a strong performance without causing damage to your bridge.


  • Lowers the volume
  • Doesn't affect sound quality
  • Gentle on your bridge
  • Durable build


  • Blocks the view of the bow

3. Eno Music Rubber Violin Practice Mute

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The third best violin mute on our list is the Eno Music Rubber Violin Practice Mute. It's an effective, simple violin mute that allows you to work on your technique without being a nuisance to your family. This violin-playing mute reduces the volume by half to ensure the sound remains audible and negligible to your surroundings.

It's small and light, allowing you to leave it on your instrument without adverse consequences. One of the downsides to this mute is that the power button also functions as the tuning adjustment knob. As a result, you could accidentally bump the button, which will require you to reset it completely.

It's designed for violins, cellos, basses, and violas, which is why it comes with four modes allowing you to choose according to the instrument you have. It also functions as a tuner which ensures you can check whether you are playing the right notes even with muted sound. Thanks to its versatility, the Eno Music Rubber Mute is arguably one of the best orchestra mutes on the market.


  • Functions as a tuner
  • Suitable for multiple instruments
  • Reduces volume significantly
  • Small and lightweight


  • The power button is also the tuning knob

4. Mudder Violin Metal Mute

[amazon box="B01N0GKLZR" template="horizontal"]

Fourth place on our list goes to the Mudder Metal Violin Mute, a great violin mute designed to work with violins of different sizes. It absorbs the vibrations you produce when playing your instrument to reduce the level of sound you hear. If your playing isn't as fluid as you'd like, there's no reason to annoy your neighbors by practicing on your instrument at a loud volume.

One reason this item is among the best violin mutes for you is its pitch maintenance capabilities. It can preserve the pitch of your violin while lowering the sound you make to ensure you can play the right notes every time. This means that the Mudder Metal Violin won't at all affect your technique and style as you play.

Additionally, this device is made of chrome material, making it a durable and sturdy option. If you like to play the lower sounds on your violin, this mute is the ideal option.


  • Keeps sound low
  • Doesn't affect pitch
  • Long-lasting construction
  • Compatible with all violin sizes
  • Small and portable


  • Can indent your bridge

5. Round Tourte Style Mute

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Last but not least, we have the Round Tourte Style Mute, an excellent choice for those who want to play the violin without causing a lot of noise. While it works as a mute, it also stabilizes the pitch of your musical instrument to give you better resonance. As such, you can trust that it won't affect your sound quality or purity of tone during your playing process.

It's an affordable option for music students and will easily fit on the bridge of your violin. Since it's small, you'll need to pay attention to where you store it after use to avoid losing it. Luckily, you don't have to fear leaving it on your instrument when you aren't practicing since it can sit behind the bridge.

Unfortunately, it can easily slide up the bridge, so you'll need to keep checking to ensure it's still in place. If you want more tone quality as you practice quietly, you won't go wrong by choosing this violin mute.


  • Improves tone
  • Lowers volume
  • Easily fits
  • Affordable


  • It can easily slide from place

What are the Benefits of the Best Violin Mutes?

There are many reasons to get a mute for your violin play. Let's look at them below

1. Practice Any Time

First, the best violin mute will reduce your playing volume to ensure you aren't too loud. Sometimes you'll want to practice your fingerwork and technique at odd hours. If you start playing your violin early in the morning or late in the night, you'll probably get several complaints from your family members or neighbors.

To ensure you can practice noiselessly, you can get a mute for your violin. This will ensure your playing doesn't disrupt anyone's sleep or focus, allowing you to practice at any time of the day or night.

2. Maintain Quiet Surroundings

Sometimes, you'll find yourself in a place where you aren't allowed to play loudly. In such cases, it can be troubling to keep playing your violin and improving your technique. So, if you want to practice without affecting the serene state of your surroundings, you can do so with a violin mute.

Since it'll reduce the level of sound, you can comfortably play without causing any trouble. It'll be audible enough for you to play while remaining low enough for other people to ignore. As a result, you can maintain your focus without completely silencing your play.

3. Improve Confidence and Skill

Before you master your violin basics, it's hard to play your instrument with confidence. This is a challenge that most beginners face, and it can be discouraging enough to make you stop practicing. Luckily, you don't have to quit if you can buy the best mute because it can decrease the audibility of your playing so that only you can hear it.

So, you won't need to worry about embarrassing yourself since no one else will hear you as you practice. As a result, you can practice your craft to a point where you are confident that you want an audience to perform for.

What are the Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Violin Mute?

There are some things you'll need to keep in mind before you settle on a particular violin mute. Let's look at them in detail below.

1. Types of Violin Mutes

The best violin mutes come in different shapes and forms;

  • Rubber Mutes

Most of the violin mutes we've reviewed in this post are made from rubber which has its advantages. A rubber-based mute has a flexible body that makes it a safe option for your instrument because it doesn't press against the wood to damage it.

  • Metal Mutes

A metal practice mute is a long-lasting and resilient choice, but it can dent or scratch your instrument, which is why most people don't like them. Nevertheless, if you want something that'll last for years, a metal mute will do.

  • Tourte Round Violin Mute

The round Tourte violin mute has a circular shape with two holes. It's popular among orchestra violin players because of its convenient size and secure attachment. These mutes are heavy and can dull the tones of your violin as you play.

  • Tourte Shaped Violin Mutes

These violin mutes are a great option for professionals and beginners alike. They are affordable, lightweight, and easy to use on your violin. You won't need to worry about damaging your strings since these mutes are made from rubber.

  • Ultra Violin Practice Mute

These violin mutes are different from other mutes in that they rest over the bridge of your instrument. As a result, it muffles the sound making it a suitable choice if you want to play in a music practice room.

  • Slide-On Violin Mute

Slide-ons are normally made from metal and have a rubber coating to prevent them from damaging your strings. They only dampen the sound to a moderate degree which means they aren't suitable for all settings.

2. Instrument Safety

You don't want a practice mute that keeps denting or damaging the strings or wood of your instrument since you'll probably end up buying a new violin. So, you'll want to take a violin mute that has a protective coating to avoid direct contact with the delicate parts of your instrument. As a result, you can use it for longer without worrying about the safety of your violin.

3. Sound Quality

The last thing to consider is the quality of sound. While violin mutes are meant to reduce sound output, they aren't supposed to change the tone quality. That's why you should read the reviews of the one you want to choose to ensure that the sound quality remains the same or improves as you use it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best violin mute?

The best mute for violins is the eBoot Rubber Violin Mute.

2. Should I get a violin mute?

If you want to play your violin discretely, the best way to do so is with a violin mute.

3. Is there a mute for violin?

Yes, there are mutes that are specifically designed for violins like the ones in this post. 

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