Musical instruments come in diverse forms and sounds, all for the beauty of music. Specifically, the electric violin is a unique and revered musical instrument in the contemporary music scene. If you want a quality electric violin experience, we recommend buying from the best electric violin brand.

Therefore, we have compiled a detailed electric violin buying guide for top brands that make the best electric violins. While at it, we will first seek to understand better what an electric violin is.

What is an Electric Violin?

An electric violin is a modern improvement of the traditional acoustic violin based on sound creation. Initially, the acoustic violin was used to generate vibrations from strings amplified through its wooden body. On the other hand, an electric violin uses an amplifier and pickups for sound creation. Therefore, the electric violin primarily eliminates the need for a sound chamber.

Ideally, the pickups and amplifiers used on electric violins are identical to those found in an electric guitar. However, unlike an electric guitar, the build of electric violin is more complicated, starting with the materials used to make the different brands. Therefore, electric violins are a reimagination of the traditional violin with the extra signature sound, flowing solos, and versatility to classical music and other contemporary genres.

With the help of this incredible instrument, electric violinists have increased in number, and the application of the electric violin sounds has also increased in the contemporary music industry. Having understood what an electric violin is, let's look at the five best brands and their corresponding best products in this category.

Which is the best electric violin brand?

1. Mendini

Our first choice for the best electric violin brand is the Mendini trade name made by the Cecilio brand, which we will also feature in this guide. As an individual make, the Mendini brand features all-purpose and low-cost instruments with a particular design for enabling learning. Subsequently, violin beginners and learners won't worry about constant string replacements or hefty maintenance requirements.

Even though the Mendini brand isn't as high-grade as the Cecilio brand, it possesses the necessary learning components, such as an excellent tone quality for a beautiful resonance when correctly tuned. Fortunately, you can find this brand of violins in different sizes, personalizing choice in hand size and budget. Some of the popular Mendini models are the Mendini MV400 and the Me0ndini MV500. These Mendini products are built with solid wood, such as Brazil wood, and unbleached horsehair for their bows and an extra bridge.

Best Mendini Electric Violin: Mendini By Cecilio Violin - MV500+92D - Size 4/4

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Correspondingly, we also recommend the Mendini MV500+92D - Size 4/4 as the best Mendini violin. We specifically like this violin because of its affordability and classic shape and style alongside its spruce and solid maple wood body. In addition, it has an ebony fingerboard, chin rest, tailpiece, and ebony pegs for a light yet hard casing. Moreover, this incredible violin will provide you with adjustable bridges, shoulder rest, plus an extra set of violin strings.

Additionally, it runs on simple power options of cheap AAA batteries for sustainable powering. In case of accidental damages, this Mendini violin also comes with a 1-year warranty which is adequate for this high-quality instrument. Eventually, you will also enjoy the gorgeous aesthetics of Brazil wood bows and Mongolian horsehair as part of its excellent musical experience.


  • Flawless sound quality
  • Classic and elegant
  • Cheap power options
  • Ideal for starters
  • Durable casing
  • Extra set of strings


  • Limited one-year warranty

2. Cecilio

Still, under the trademark of Cecilio, we also recommend the Cecilio brand for quality violins. Particularly, Cecilio violins are among the best string instruments you can find, made with an old technique by skilled luthiers. Moreover, we like the Cecilio violins for their diversified sizes and their versatile suitability to all levels.

To guarantee their quality, Cecilio instruments are vigorously tested under the Los Angeles distribution standards. The most common Cecilio violins are admirable for their antique varnish, exceptional, reliable resonance, and tone. Eventually, a Cecilio violin is durable and comfortable to play.

Best Cecilio Electric Violin: Cecilio CEVN-2BK Style 2 Silent Electric Solid Wood Violin

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Our best pick for a Cecilio violin is the Cecilio CEVN-2BK silent violin. Unlike the traditional acoustic violin, the Cecilio CEVN-2BK has different shapes, styles, and edges, making it one of the best silent violins. As a silent violin, it comes with an AUX cable and headphones for anonymous personal plays. When it comes to power, it uses the 9V alkaline battery for increased portability.

In addition, you can also enjoy its solid Maple wood body and ebony pegs, tailpiece, ebony fingerboard, ebony chinrest, Mongolian horsehair, and Brazil wood bow finish. As a result, this composition makes this violin lightweight and beautiful also considering that it has an alluring black metallic finish. Therefore, as you play this Cecilio CEVN, you will enjoy its smooth and classy feel. Finally, you can enjoy its one-year warranty.


  • Durable build
  • Adequate accessories for violinists
  • Quiet playing option
  • Enhanced portability due to its 9v alkaline battery


  • Limited one-year warranty
  • Not ideal for experts

3. Kennedy Violins

There is also the Kennedy violins band which produces quality violins. Distinctly, these violins are custom-made directly from the manufacturer and are available at affordable prices. Moreover, the Kennedy violins are built with care by professionally trained staff for a ready-made instrument when you buy their violin. By and by, this brand of violins provides excellent tones, playability, and adjustable tunes.

Besides their affordability, these violins are innovated beyond the violin-shaped object that hinders learning. Therefore, the Kennedy violins are ideal for beginners.

Best Kennedy Violins Electric Violin: Electric Violin Bunnel Edge 

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Under the Kennedy violins brand name, we recommend the Bunnel Edge Electric Violin. This violin is the ideal full starter kit, built with all the necessities for learning to play the violin. Essentially, this instrument is built with a solid maple wood body with pure ebony fittings and a piezo-ceramic pickup. Its starter pack accessories include a brazil wood bow, headphones, mini amp, quality rosin, D'Addario Prelude strings, and cables.

Even more, this violin comes with an Oblong case that is secure and compact to hold all its accessories. If you are worried about limited 1-year warranties, this specific violin is backed with a 45-day money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty for purchase protection. Therefore, this electric violin outfit is ideal for starters and has a playable feel.


  • Sturdy and stylish solid maple body
  • Has adequate violin accessories
  • Beautiful aesthetics
  • Lifetime warranty and money-back guarantee within 45 days
  • Adequate carrying case
  • Ideal for learners


  • Heavy violin model

4. Yamaha

As a manufacturer of different musical instruments, Yamaha is another recommendable violin brand. Particularly, Yamaha is known for its quality and durable musical instruments, and Yamaha electric violins are not any less in quality. Moreover, we recommend Yamaha for its innovative shapes, styles, and sizes for different users and purposes.

If you buy a Yamaha violin, you can be sure that even your stage performances will be incredible. Additionally, Yamaha ensures that its violins are personalized and adjustable to allow users the freedom to make the musical sounds they desire.

Best Yamaha Electric Violin: Yamaha YEV105NT 5 String Electric Violin

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The best Yamaha instrument in the category of an electric violin is the Yamaha YEV105NT. This amazing violin is uniquely made using six wood types for beauty and durability. Consequently, its quality build also guarantees you sound quality and playability. When it comes to powering this musical instrument, you won't need batteries or even headphones for sound. Instead, you connect it to an amplifier and get playing.

Uniquely, this violin comes with five strings, including E, A, D, G, and the C viola string. However, this violin doesn't come with the C-string, meaning you have to buy separately. Also, despite coming from a reputable brand, this violin doesn't come with a bow and a case. The reason for this is that Yamaha assumes that an interested violinist already owns these violin accessories.


  • Quality sounds and play-ability
  • 5 strings for versatile sounds
  • Easy to use by just connecting it to an amp
  • Durable and beautiful build


  • Doesn't come with the fifth string
  • Separate buying of bow and case
  • Can cause neck strains for small players such as kids

5. Barcus Berry

Lastly, our list cannot be complete without the amazing Barcus Berry violin brand. This incredible brand offers the best quality for acoustic-electric violins, preamps for electric guitars, wood and brasswind instruments, orchestral instruments, harps, transducers, and pianos. Specifically, on the electric violins, Barcus-berry is one of the pioneers of the first electric violin in the market.

Due to their quality, Barcus-berry violins are favored by leading music performers, including Ronnie Milsap, Jean Sonne (Rascal Flatts), Chuck Leavell (Rolling Stones), Savion Glover (Award-winning dancer), Downs Thompson of Clay Walker band, Daniel Willem, Brendon Anthony of the Pat Green band and Terry Hale (George Strait). Something else we like about this brand is that they offer accurate feedback for the continuous generation of high-quality acoustic sounds.

Best Barcus Berry Electric Violin: Barcus Berry, 4-String Violin (BAR-AEBK)

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Our best recommendation for a Barcus Berry Acoustic-Electric Violin is the 4 -string Barcus Berry BAR-AEBK. Exceptionally, this violin is an expensive option that offers unique qualities to make the hefty price tag worthy. To begin with, it is hand-crafted using maple and spruce material by dedicated artisans in a leading Romanian violin manufacturing studio. In addition, this violin comes with a bridge, fiberglass color bow, rosin, and a soft canvas case.

Based on its materials and accessories, this violin already stamps its place among the best. Additionally, you can find this incredible violin in different colors to add to its personalized feel. Ultimately, this 4 -string Barcus Berry BAR-AEBK is among the best acoustic-electric violins in the market designed using the highest standards.


  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Diverse sizes
  • Diverse violin colors to choose from
  • Durable and beautiful build
  • Tested and used by renowned musical artists


  • One of the most expensive electric violins

Different Types of Electric Violin

Even as we discuss the electrical electric violins, you should know they are ranked in different categories. Each type is made uniquely for specialized purposes.

1. Electric Violin

First, the electric violin basically looks like its acoustic counterparts, but it isn't restrained in producing its own musical sound. Subsequently, this type has similar dimensions for a violin bridge, strings, and neck but has diverse sizes, pegbox shape, chin rest, and tailpiece as part of the body.

2. Silent Violin

Secondly, there is the silent electric violin type that is ideal for practicing. As a result, this type requires an amplifier to produce sound. An electric silent violin is particularly resourceful for synonymous practices without causing noise to neighbors or even hurting your ears. Therefore, the main idea for an electric silent violin is to play quietly and mostly come with headphone jacks.

3. Acoustic-Electric Violin

Thirdly, the acoustic-electric violin is a hybrid or combination of the modern electric and traditional acoustic violin. This type is characterized by a traditional hollow neck and body but also pickups for both sound generation or electronic amplification on a need basis.

4. Five String Violin

Fourth, we have a rare but ideal violin type for skilled violinists. Ideally, this electric type has an extra string for adding low C note for an increased sound range, unlike the acoustic violins, which lack this feature.

Benefits of Playing Electric Violins

The primary rationale of having the best electric violins is to make musical experiences better through technology. Understandably, an electric violin provides an extra-musical edge through the effective combination of classic and modern music styles. For instance, electric violins are constantly finding use in contemporary music genres such as Afro-beat and Hip Hop. Consequently, the availability of electric violins increases interest among more people to want to play the violin.

Moreover, electrical violins are preferred for enabling violinists with the control to adjust sound output easily. For example, the best electric violins come with volume control, tune setting, sound output connectors, and more strings for more versatile musical sounds. Finally, when it comes to the shape, electric contemporary violins have a more ergonomic style, unlike the classic violin shape that was bulky and not entirely comfortable.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing the Best Electric Violin Brand

1. Build Quality

Build quality is the first consideration to make when you walk into an electric violin shop. If you buy electric violin brands that have a poor build, you might duplicate your spending. Considerably, a violin is an instrument you will play for hours, especially as you practice, and its build must be able to withstand the long utility hours.

Additionally, a violin's build also affects the ability of your regular electric violin to hold a tune. For instance, as a beginner, if you get a violin that doesn't hold a tune, your expertise and learning progress will be hampered. However, it is possible for an experienced violinist playing a professional electric violin to detect a wrong tune and make adjustments, unlike a beginner who might ignore or not notice.

Moreover, we also prioritize a solid body because of the ability to withstand constant play. Aspects like chin rest and tailpiece on a violin pickup also impact the quality of play. Quality of play in the context refers to generally enjoying the violin experience. Eventually, an affordable electric violin can suffice for a beginner, but progressively, it is important to invest more in a new electric violin if you really want the right electric violin with the right build.

2. Ergonomics

Ergonomics also matter when shopping for the best electric violins. Accordingly, you will find electric violin options that come in different sizes and shapes. Whether a traditional violin or an electric instrument, the best electric violins should be comfortable and light to hold for easy bracing on the chin and playing it for long hours.

Unlike other electric instruments, a good quality electric violin features unique features like an adjustable chin rest and the ease of playing with either your left or right hand. These features of comfort and ease of playing are ergonomics that you cannot overlook for important music instruments like violins.

We also highlighted being light and getting a light full-size electric violin makes playing enjoyable and less tiresome. For entry-level electric violins, it is important to check among light electronic violins for easy learning. Gradually, as you move to the next electric violin, your body will slowly adjust to the weight increases.

3. Electronics

Another consideration to make is the electronics that make an electric violin musical. Particularly, features that amplify signals and collect sound significantly affect the general sound a violin generates. In addition, in the case of a pre-amp, a violin will require a battery for effective running, also adding to the weight.

Furthermore, the pickup quality also influences the sound quality, making expensive violin pickups better than other electric violins with cheap pickups. However, you can improve the quality of the pickup as you advance in skill for a clean sound while on stage. Therefore, you should be conscious of such electronic components of a violin depending on whether you are practicing or performing on stage.

4. Purpose

The best electric violin brands also categorize their products based on purpose. While learning to play the violin, it is vital to understand that there are products for practice and others for orchestra or soloing while on stage. Subsequently, a great electric violin for its purpose depends on the quality and tone needed for the intended violin plays.

Accordingly, different violin brands like those on our list and others like wood violins have products for beginners, electric silent violin, acoustic instruments, and general purposes. Therefore, you can follow this guide to understand the purpose of the recommended products.

5. Number of Strings

A traditional violin is characterized by fur strings for an acoustic instrument. Even so, electric violins are not restricted on the acoustic number of strings. Subsequently, you can find contemporary electric violins with 5 or 6 strings, with the top electric violin models having either 4 or 5 strings.

Traditionally, an acoustic-sounding violin used top string adjustments for E, A, D, and G. Progressively, electric violins accommodate low string C adjustments and standard E, A, D, and G notes for acoustic violins. So, in the end, electric violins provide greater versatility, and you can even find an electric and acoustic violin.

Eventually, the best electric violin brand should have a range of models between 4 and 5 strings. Considering the modern string feature, you will not have to go back to the shop for different string orientations when switching between strings.

6. Price

Similar to other instruments and products, the price also determines the choice of the best electric violin brand. Subsequently, the price also affects the quality you get among the available brands in the market. Preferably, violinists should buy quality electric violins that their money can afford. We recommend this with the hope that you can get a quality violin within your budget.

This also applies to beginners because buying the cheapest option you find might not justify your interest in learning the violin. In addition, you should avoid buying very expensive violins to avoid losing money on an instrument that doesn't match your skillset and purpose. Therefore, in striking this price balance, this guide will help in making your shopping easy. For the best outcomes over time, we recommend gradual progression on the price of your violin as you advance from practice to stage performing.

7. Feel

Finally, it is also important to consider the feel of your select violin brand. Of course, this also relates to ergonomics, but it introduces the aspect of loving your instrument. For instance, wood violins should have a feel of solid wood to avoid feeling fragile while playing. Also, the best electronic violins are more personalized with features such as headphone jack ports for listening to your plays without the fear of scrutiny.

A good feel on a violin makes you love your instrument, adding to your passion for building on your playing skills. Eventually, while shipping for electric violins, you should test the product you like to make sure that you are getting an instrument that you will love its output and feel.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Electric Violin Brand

1. Is there a left-handed violin?

A violin that is left-handed oriented basically is a reflection rather than the opposite of the standard violin. The reason for this is that you can't put violin strings in reverse. Nonetheless, to assist left-handed students, various luthiers have begun designing left-handed electric violins.

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