How to take care of your violin

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One of the most important lessons when learning to play the violin is how to take care of the violin itself! It’s so easy to let the excitement of playing and new beginnings cloud our judgment and suddenly we have a broken violin or excess maintenance that requires professional consultation. … Read More

How Long does it Take to Learn the Violin?

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Who hasn’t clicked on one of those alluring videos: “Learn the violin in one week!” or, “5 Easy Steps to Learning the Violin!” It’s very easy to be tempted to jump into these quick-fix courses and videos promising to teach you to play an instrument in X amount of time. … Read More

The Best Violin Rosin Reviews for 2020

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Rosin for violins: for many beginners, rosin is not something that is given much thought until the bow is in desperate need of it, or if the rosin has broken and has shattered into a thousand pieces on the floor. For advanced and professional violinists, rosin is a very important … Read More